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What you do to me No words can explain Your presence in my life Has caused me to go sane The pain of the past has been surpassed by love For nothing can overcome what’s been ordered above And what we share is rare indeed Not only are you all I want but also all


Your love supplies The fuel to my fire The match to my desires The connection to The live wire Yah purifies us Thru discipline And obedience When our attention Is given To the right wind Faith comes thru hearing You have my ear My eyes are set in wonder Never wandering Following Empowering Higher things


Some want to feed you Some want to freak you Some want to serve you Some want to purge you Some want to heal you Some want to feel you Some want to keep you Some want to free you Some want the struggle Some want to love you


Wisdom’s curse is the vision to see things first forced patience like waiting to give birth there will be work there will be joy there is love perfected above connecting us with a trust that we must discuss everyday it’s like we’re in a play blindfolded with one line pray disciplined to remember words said


Not forsaking the lessons this time we put matter and mind in sync we don’t blink at the chance to dance with life too seasoned to simmer in strife too wise to pick what’s not ripe you can believe the hype for you I just might change all the rules of life make all my


u can’t lose anything that ever truly existedwe just transitionand compensate for what’s missingwhen the universe shiftedcreating tensionto balance intentionn see thru missionsto get lifted…to the next level of our existence


When i say forever, that’s what i mean i know i cant change some thingsbut my heart still wears ur ringno not the one you asked me to view onlineor the one you work inside touching my spineor even the one i envisioned in my mindthe one you placed on a valve and secured your


i’m in a special kinda moodfeeling like a rendezvouslet down my guard and do what you say to i love when u instruct me to get ‘nekid’then turn around so u can inspect itmy my….u touch me like u never left it and not shy about tasting my nectarlicking every crevice to properly wet heruntil


It’s been said that the ones you love most can hurt you the worst     Even Yahoshua was denied 3 times by a disciple who should have been in line  So I must ask myself, who am I???  Greater than the divine???     With great humbleness I speak from inside  That I’m no more than a


There’s a natural mystic blowing thru the air If you listen carefully now you will hear There’s a natural spirit of wickedness in the air Be careful not to let it take you there Sweeping away your righteousness for envy’s sake Be careful not to taste the judge’s cake For that’s not your place Don’t