Fresh Water

today’s tears taste like fresh water

as they travel the eye gates

they almost escape

before sniffles

reroute them to my mouth

I Love You

is all they ever want to say

drowning words that replay in my head

as my tears give them a ride

outside of my heart

because my mouth has no place to say

I Love You

yesterday, tomorrow and today

Illusions of the mind

The words at times
Seem trapped behind
Illusions of the mind
What’s inside
After a ride
On the soul train
What remains?
Freedom and restraint
Less words
More meaning
Less talk
Stillness in reasoning
The destination
Leaves me gleaming
At the peace achieved
In just being

Identity Crisis

I’ve had to be stronger than any girl should be
Who told you that?
You were born a girl because you know how to handle things
That would break the backs of men
Who told you that you can’t win?
Who told you your emotions are weakness and not strength?
Only the brave go within
And women
Well, you carry men before they’re even born
Who told you you’re a woman scorned?
Woman, you are Life
Woman, you are Light
Woman, you are Fight
Woman, you are right where you’re supposed to be
Drop down to your knees
Let yourself be free
You find strength when you come to Me
Whenever you feel weak
Your only job is to remember me
The One who gave you your True Identity

Hearts are Changing

Hearts are changing
Minds are rearranging 
If you're feeling and pain and anguish
You better examine what you're claiming 
You are what you love, not who loves you
You are what you hate, not who hates you
You become the one you choose